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Step 1: Embrace the Light. To start this quest you'll need to go to the Moon and enter the portal next to Eris (you can also get here through Sorrow's Harbor). While in the room where Eris.

Obtained weapon patterns can also be viewed through the Weapon Crafting menu in the Resonance Engine in The Enclave. Weapon Patterns can be obtained through quests, but.

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June 26, 2022 8:45 PM. 2. Beloved has returned to Destiny 2 and it's time for you to get a god roll. After you've acquired all the patterns necessary to craft your own, you'll want to spend.

Syncopation-53 - Requires completion of the Shaping: Extraction mission. The remaining 21 patterns can be unlocked by Destiny 2 players by completing the Deepsight.

If you then hover your mouse or cursor over the weapon, it may have a note that, “This weapon’s Pattern can be extracted.”. If that message is present, you can then use the.

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